I encourage and support my clients to achieve the goals that matter to them.

Tracey Graney, Speech Pathologist

Tracey Graney

Speech Pathologist


About Tracey

Tracey Graney (BSpPath, GradCertCouns, MClinLship, CPSP) is a certified practising member of Speech Pathology Australia. She graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology in 2003. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Masters of Clinical Leadership from the University of Tasmania.

Tracey has twenty years’ experience working with adults with communication and swallowing disorders. She has a special interest in working with acquired and progressive neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease and primary progressive aphasia.

Tracey uses evidence-based approaches to work in partnership with clients and their support networks to achieve the goals that are important to them. She is experienced working with both rehabilitative and palliative approaches to care.

Tracey Graney, Speech Pathologist

Tracey works across multiple locations, providing services across greater Hobart.


Tracey provides assessment, therapy and education to support her clients to manage communication and swallowing disorders.

Communication disorders include difficulty:

  • understanding what others are saying
  • finding the right word
  • clearly producing speech sounds
  • putting ideas together in a conversation
  • reading
  • writing or typing

Medical terms for these difficulties include aphasia, apraxia of speech, dysarthria and cognitive communication impairment. Tracey can complete assessments to understand the nature of a client’s communication impairment and to develop a personalised treatment plan. This may include therapy to improve communication as well as strategies to manage the communication impairment both for the client and their family and friends.

Swallowing disorders are referred to as dysphagia.

A person with dysphagia can have difficulty:

  • chewing and swallowing food
  • drinking liquids
  • managing saliva

These difficulties can lead to complications including chest infections (aspiration pneumonia), choking events, malnutrition and dehydration. Tracey works collaboratively with medical and allied health teams to accurately diagnose the cause of dysphagia and create a management plan that balances risk with the pleasure of eating and drinking.

Tracey Graney, Speech Pathologist

Tracey has twenty years’ experience working with adults with communication and swallowing disorders.

Contact Tracey directly to arrange an initial appointment or to discuss if her service is right for you.

GP referral is required for Medicare and DVA clients. For other clients it is helpful if you can provide relevant medical background information relating to your communication or swallowing difficulty. This will allow Tracey to work most efficiently with you.

Let Tracey know if you are planning to claim through a third party such as a level 3 or 4 Aged Care Package, NDIS plan or your private health fund. She can discuss with you any additional documentation or reporting required.

Please note Tracey does not provide services for children.

At your first appointment

Tracey will assess your communication and/or swallowing and together you will set goals and make a treatment plan. With your consent she will make contact with your treating team to ensure a streamlined approach to your care. If necessary, Tracey can suggest additional referrals to other services.

At future appointments you will work with Tracey to achieve your goals. She will discuss with you options for involving family members, friends or support workers to make sure the goals you are working on in the clinic can be applied to everyday life.

Funding options

Tracey is registered to provide services through:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Medicare chronic disease management plans (CDMP)
  • Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)
  • Private health funds
  • Aged care packages
  • Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB)